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Because of its maintenance and rust-free properties, aluminum patio furniture continues to be the most popular outdoor furniture in the market today. Riata Manufacturing uses the age-old art of hand sand casting to create remarkably detailed traditional and contemporary designs while retaining exceptional strength and beauty.

Our solid, sand-cast aluminum patio furniture has much the same nostalgic look as cast iron but without rust. And because aluminum weighs approximately one third as much as iron, Riata's product are easier to handle on the showroom floor or in the home.

Selections range from an assortment of dining, cocktail and coffee tables to various dining chairs, rocking chairs, and barstools. Many are sold as four or five piece sets, with several coordinating pieces to choose from. We are currently casting components as well as complete units for a number of OEM accounts. Please call or write for a complete list / catalog of available designs, as well as pricing for your proprietary designs.

While each piece boasts outstanding durability, this furniture is fragile and bulky for shipping purposes and should be shipped by the trailer load or picked up by the customer.

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F-2 Wheel Rocker 0852R   Product Details
F-2 Wheel Wooden Bench 0852   Product Details
F-24" Round Cocktail Table RGU8012   Product Details
F-24" Square End Table RGU8022   Product Details
F-3 Wheel Chair 0853   Product Details
F-38", 32" Square Crossweave Table Top 5142T, 5142.5T   Product Details
F-4 Wheel Rocking Bench 0854   Product Details
F-4 Wheel Rocking Bench 0854R   Product Details
F-42" Round Fleur de Lis Table Top RGU8080T   Product Details
F-5 pc. Basket Weave Patio Set 5010 One #5110 Table-- Four #5210 Chairs Product Details
F-51" Bellagio Top RGU8054T   Product Details
F-60", 79", 98" Oval Fleur de Lis Table Top RGU8081T, RGU8082T, RGU8083T   Product Details
F-64", 73", 87" Crossweave Table Tops RGU8042T, RGU8043T, RGU8044T   Product Details
F-Aztec Set (3 pc.) 5009   Product Details
F-Barstool 5020   Product Details
F-Basket Barstool 5212 Shown with #5112 Basket Weave Bartable Product Details
F-Basket Cocktail Table 5413   Product Details
F-Basket Coffee Table 5402 Shown with #5210 Basket Weave Chair Product Details
F-Basket Rocking Chair 5211   Product Details
F-Basket Weave Bartable 5112 Shown with #5212 Basket Barstool Product Details

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